and the cracks begin to show…

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Have you ever become disappointed in someone who you really trusted? Of course you have. It’s particularly painful when your relationship, for whatever reason, did not come terribly easy with that person (which, believe it or not, is unusual for me. I typically love and trust so easily and develop close relationships quickly).


I had a really uncomfortable and hurtful experience with a loved one that led to a conversation with with another loved one about the situation, and ultimately I realized that I was completely wrong about how that person feels about me and about where we are in our relationship. I feel hurt and I feel like a fool. I won’t get into the details because 1) they probably wouldn’t be that interesting to read and 2) it would involve sharing details about people who haven’t consented to have their business aired on the internets. Not because I asked and they refused, but because they don’t know this blog exists.


Because this blog, like so many other things in my life, is a barely executed and never spoken of dream. I am absolutely crippled by self-doubt that keeps me from posting, much less telling people I’m posting. But that ends today. I don’t know if I will get around to filling in all the old posts I’ve begun, but I will start now with current posts. This is me writing it down so that you, if anyone is reading, can hold me accountable. 


So bear with me.  I promise that we can reminisce together in a year or so, “Remember when you were just paralyzed by insecurity and the fear of failure?” LOLOLOLOL (as we throw our heads back and slap our knees).

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On siblings

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Eamon loves Maeve so much. Like, SO much. His favorite things to do are kiss her face, kiss her little hands, and kiss her tiny feet. He is a really affectionate person, which I love, but he is off-the-charts affectionate with his baby, or sissy (“see-see”).
I know that there will be challenges with the two of them, and I had some moments during pregnancy hoping we were doing the right thing and that Eamon wouldn’t be upset by the addition of the baby. And that we had enough love, time, attention for them both. Every moment with her and interaction between them has alleviated those fears. This was the perfect thing for us and Maeve is just what we all needed. It is an amazing thing when you receive something you didn’t even know you were missing. We are now perfectly complete.

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Breakfast potatoes

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So breakfast is kinda my thing. I have always loved breakfast foods, but it was usually reserved for supper time when I was working (brinner or brupper as Mikey and I call it, respectively). But since I have been home with Eamon, I make myself and Eamon (and Mikey if he’s home) a delicious breakfast every day. Sometimes I get creative or find an idea on Pinterest and I absolutely kill it. Today was one of those days. I was fighting a hangover headache and needed more than my usual, albeit delicious, egg and cheese sandwich. I saw a half bag of red potatoes and had a little fantasy of some yummy breakfast potatoes. I googled recipes and quickly chose this one from the Pioneer Woman, whose recipes never fail me. I served mine with eggs – fried for me and fried with a runny yolk for Mike. They were absolutely delicious. 





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I pride myself in not being a “things” person. I always want to find my joy in experiences and not in the acquisition or accumulation of belongings. But the joy I found in receiving this “thing” was delightfully shameful. 

I first saw this quilt online at Urban Outfitters in early 2012 and I fell in love hard and fast. A year and a half and an online sale combined with a coupon code later, she is finally mine. I have planned our master bedroom (which has never really been decorated since we moved in two years ago) around this quilt in my mind for so long. I can’t wait to actually make it happen. I have already ordered sheers for the windows and we had Eamon paint some art for us. :)

The room progress and projects will be posted on our DIY site



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Thinking of using my flickr account for blogging going forward. This is a test.



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Homemade Baby Food

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I want to do a couple more detailed posts on making baby food – our reasons for deciding to do so as well as techniques – but this is what’s on the menu for Eamon for this week.

I typically make baby food for the week on Saturdays, but I knew that we would be near Whole Foods on Monday for Eamon’s 9-month check-up, so I held off until then so I could get a great selection of fresh produce. I chose carrots (one of his favorites), Brussels sprouts, kale, nectarines, fuji apples, and red bartlett pears. I typically add 1-2 new foods into his diet each week, but this week I did not. He’s pretty much had something from all the fruit and vegetable families by now so I’m not too concerned about food allergies anymore. 

It takes me about two hours to make his food for the week, washing and cutting, cooking (steaming) two items at a time, and cleaning the blenders in between each.

IMG 8773 2

Kale cooks down quite a bit, as do most greens. Starting with a full pot of greens only yields a few servings, but I love to make greens for him because they are so packed with vitamins and nutrients. I steam everything for 15-20 minutes, until soft, and use the leftover water in the pots for pureeing, as it contains nutrients that have cooked out of the fruits/vegetables. I have found that the key for pureeing is adding the perfect amount of fluid. For the more water-filled items, like most fruits, less water is needed. For less water-filled items I may use all the water in the pot and a little filtered water as well to obtain a perfect puree. 

IMG 8774 2

IMG 8775 2

IMG 8777 2

IMG 8780 2

IMG 8783 2

I burned up my Baby Bullet about a month ago and have since been using a GE smoothie maker for smaller batches and a Ninja blender for larger batches. Both are working great for me. I refrigerate 3 days of food using the single-serving containers that came with my Baby Bullet and 3oz Rubbermaid TakeAlongs containers. I freeze the rest using a container that came with my Baby Bullet (similar to this) and ice trays (transferring the cubes to labeled freezer bags when completely frozen).

The pictured fruits and veggies above yielded the following: 

carrots: 7 3oz servings

Brussels sprouts: 6 3oz servings

kale: 5 3oz servings

nectarines: 16 2oz servings

apples: 2 3oz servings & 16 2oz servings

pears: 1 1oz serving & 8 2oz servings

Making Eamon’s food has been much easier and more enjoyable than I had imagined it would be. I love making fresh, healthy meals for him. 

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It’s a gloomy Monday. After a fun St. Paddy’s Day weekend with beautiful, sunny days, we are stuck in the house today. It’s a good thing my kid is easily amused. He loves the balloons leftover from his daddy’s birthday party. I could have left him sitting there for hours (but I didn’t).

DSC 0624 1 

DSC 0626 1


DSC 0628 1 

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